Thursday, 29 August 2013


Our split 7 inch record with Amorous Dialogues is out now! It costs circa £4 plus postage. It comes in a sealed colour-printed envelope, containing a risographed inner sleeve, insert, sticker and black vinyl disc. Open with a craft knife or scalpel for best results. Plays at 45rpm. 320 copies.

The track listing is -

Side AD - Amorous Dialogues

Body Heat
Total Fucking Disastro

Side EK - Etai Keshiki
Vitamin She
Grey Lie

Buy it from us or from Norman Records, or at shows of either band.

In extra curricular news, Rob plays on this album by noise group Panelak.

and Daria has recently released another EP of occult electronic music as 1-800-LIPSTICK.

Thank you for your time

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