Etai Keshiki are an anarchafeminist no wave band, based in Leeds, UK.


Kayleigh Brooks as Casio MT400v, Vocals, Electronics and Lyrics
Daria Ramone as Squier Jazzmaster, Vocals, Electronics and Lyrics
Tony Burhouse as Squier Precision Bass, Electronics and Artwork
Rob Glew as Drum Kit, Electronics and Artwork

We have released,

"etai or die"
green cassette released in 2011 on Hypnowave.

red split cassette with Castrato Attack Group released in 2012 on Memoirs Of An Aesthete and Hypnowave.
repressed on CD-R in 2013.

"Amorous Dialogues / Etai Keshiki split 7""
7" black split record with Amorous Dialogues released in 2013 on The Audacious Art Experiment and Hypnowave.

Hear our songs at