Thursday, 8 March 2012

a stupifyingly futile conceit

Hello friends,
Just a vague ramble to fill your eyes with facts. We just played two total ragers at Equal Fest 2 in Bradford and Leeds. The 1 In 12 day was probably one of the best shows we've ever played. Endless thank yous to Irena Rebel for hooking it all up for the second year in a row. All money raised went to domestic violence charities. It was the best.

We are all stoked because we recorded some fresh jams on Monday 19th March at the 1 In 12 Club. The session was scooped by Keeby of Please and Cops and Robbers. The set is a bunch of old classics we've been playing out for a year or so by this point, so hopefully you'll recognise the odd riff here and there. This will comprise our split tape with Castrato Attack Group. It looks like this -

(art by Daria and Tony)

Track listing is something like this -

1. new jive
2. harsh realm
3. unbelievable krimewave
4. quest for tranquillity
5. chest hairs of prosperity
6. vrai ou faux
7. mondo frowno

More when it exists.