Tuesday, 7 February 2012

you're different man. you gleam the cube.

Hi everyone,
We've been a little quiet on here so I thought I'd fill you in on what's happening.

We played a bunch of amazing shows in scotland and at home, we obtained servicable equipment for the very first time, and we have various plans for stuff to put in your stereo.

In March we are playing these items -

2nd-4th March - EQUAL FEST 2 at the 1 In 12 Club, Bradford
w/ EXECUTIVE LEGS, LICH, BEARDS, NU POGODI, NERVOUS TWITCH, BELGRADO and a fucking ton more to be unleashed. You better believe in it's healing power.

24th March - Pete's insane birthday noisefest all dayer at the Fenton, Leeds
w/ Cementimental, Sump, Etai Keshiki, petals, dogliveroil, Hobo Sonn, Target Shoppers, Duncan Harrison, Ocelocelot, foldhead and more tbc

The benefit show for the 1 in 12 has been postponed.
We will be playing in London at the end of March too hopefully, more on that soon.
Also there is a new website for the fake record label we sustain over at http://hypnowaverecords.tumblr.com/
Everything is up for free download with artwork for you to print and burn yr own copies. Various noises made by ourselves and our friends in the past few years can be snagged for nothing.

Finally, some nice people have written kind words about us at these places -