Sunday, 2 June 2013

Local explosions

We are playing some Leeds dates while we write some new songs.
They are these-

28th June - Wharf Chambers, Leeds - w/ Castrato Attack Group, Forgets, Unstable Journey and Legion Of Swine.

5th July - Wharf Chambers - Badgerfest w/ The Wankys, War All The Time, Prolefeed, Goatspeed and Woes.

9th July - Wharf Chambers - w/ Marvin (france), Bilge Pump and Cowtown.

26th July - Santiago - w/ Sly & the Family Drone and Pacer

28th July- Wharf Chambers QUEER WE GO riot grrl all dayer w/ Scragfight, Jesus and His Judgemental Father and loads more

The CD-R version of the castratoattackgroupetaikeshiki split will also be available at all of these shows, for a mere 4 pounds.

We are going on tour mid-august with Amorous Dialogues.If you live in a big place, you might find us playing there at that time.
More soon.


  1. I saw you guys play at wharf chambers last night and it was like a grand mal seizure mixed with being sexually assaulted by a paranoid cyclone.
    It was supreme. And apparently queer oriented. Also fabulous. The bass was spore green.

    I make various experimental music and would love to show it to you kool kameleons but I am scared as your music really is paralysing.

    I will be at your next show


  2. Hi! For some reason I hadn't seen this until now. Don't be scared, let's be friends. Come say hi next time!

  3. but you're scary and beautiful

    but okay

    a cassette I will bear of psychofemale-post-punk dysphoriawave

    I am away in the south recently drafted in as bassist for cosmic ambient doom band VOID IN COMA until july's end

    what is the next date you're playing after that?

    attendance guaranteed

  4. We're on tour at the end of August, although there will be a few Leeds dates before hand too. More updates really soon. xo

  5. 11th of august? 11th of agust? 111th fe ogoost? t1h1 goo stag?



    .....At the fenton??!