Wednesday, 18 April 2012

god shook my mind by the hand.


1. we are playing some more shows.

April 28th - Bradford Urban Garden - Mayday 2012!/events/170330736420286/
Zounds, Beards, Etai Keshiki, Jesus and His Judgemental Father, Lazarus Blackstar, Lowlife UK, Nu Pogodi, Endless Rope, Joe Tiltson, The Olive Branch and The Drastics.

May 11th - Newcastle - Star and Shadow
even clean hands cause damage 3

May 12th - Possible Glasgow show with Woolf tbc

May 14th - Leeds - Wharf Chambers
WOOLF/NO WOMB/PIFCO/ETAI KESHIKI!/events/260704910690674/

June 27th - Leeds - Wharf Chambers
Beauty Pageant, Moral Holiday, Etai Keshiki, Transhuman

2. A lot of our gear was stolen from our house a few days ago. We lost

-metalic red Squier Stratocaster (stickers read Jeromes Dream, The Psychic Soviet, Long Live The Etai Youth and Suitable For Vegans)
-a heavily customized, broken no name bass guitar (easily identifiable due to Tony's abstract black and white artwork pasted on to it and hand painted black areas)
-two microphones
-Boss DS-1 (non-Boss grey knobs)
-MXR Blue Box (modified, missing a C11 capacitor for more noise)
-Danelectro Fish and Chips EQ
-hand made Skronk ring modulation/noise pedal built by our friend Luke Iley (strange black box with three knobs and three switches, and the word SKRONK handpainted onto it, no others exist.)
-Boss ODB-3
-Behringer UO100 Octaver (discontinued)
-Ibanez tuner
-all of our leads
-a broken, european projector
-a broken mp3 player
-SoundLab power pack.

We would be very surprised if there is any resale value on this stuff, but it does vastly inconvenience us. Thanks to the generosity of Phil Todd, Will Barker and Mike Randall, as well as the british taxpayer, we can still play shows at time of writing, but by no means has all of this been replaced. If anyone does come across any of it somehow, please inform us, or the place selling it, since it's not only stolen but also too customised or weird to sell in good conscience.

Here's us playing most of the stuff.

And here's Daria's whole set up. We still have the amp, everything else is gone.

An eternal and undying fuck you to whoever tried our door, wandered around my house while I was asleep and decided to take sentimental and useful, but ultimately not valuable items from two people on benefits.


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