Sunday, 9 October 2011

vrai vs. faux

Our next shows will be -

22nd LaDIYfest Sheffield fun raiser with Special Education, Pudge, Kerplunk @ the Riverside!/event.php?eid=115510595217949

27th Hypnowave affair with Ultimate Thrush, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, More Than A Joke, Beards  in Leeds.!/event.php?eid=194936947241219

26th Big Spaceship doings with Diascorium, More Than A Joke and Magpyes @ the Fenton, Leeds

Come to these! We still have a bunch of tapes left so this is as good a place as any to get one.
We have two splits coming up in the near future. The big one is a tape with our buddies CASTRATO ATTACK GROUP noising one right the way off. We are planning to record our side with Keeby (Please/Cops And Robbers) in a room and it's gonna be over five songs long.
We are also spoiling to put out a 3" cd with long dead Leeds emo band THE PATRON SAINT OF LOST CAUSES. Will and Mary are some of the best people we know and their song slays.

But if that seems too abstract and intangible then soothe that woe with this --->

This is a track called "Mondo Frowno" which was recorded at some point this summer. It's about 7 minutes long and we've never played it live. It features our close associate Dr. Andy Sissons on noise machines, and some heavy reverb. Best sampled after a tasty zoot or two. Take it, it's yours.

More stuff soon I swear.

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